Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summers/ the time where we would count down the days till we were back in our college towns, slept in till unacceptable hours and promised ourselves we would get in shape this summer. Those really were the days. *Still promising myself on that last part but thats beside the point. Going from those glory days to waking up at 6:30 every morning and dragging myself out of bed to go to my real world job has been quite different. It seems like matter how we spend our summers, the days feel long but still manage to speed by, we are half way through summer and the only “summer things” I’ve done is consume way too much ice cream and complain about how hot it is. Speaking of consuming way too much ice cream, after I made my chocolate chip cookies {recipes linked below}, my first thought was wow how can I make this even more sugary and unhealthy. Just kidding. The cookies turned out so good I just had to do something with them so when in doubt ice cream sandwich it out? That’s a thing. So that brings us here, I’ve never been a huge ice cream sandwich gal, I mean 2 cookies, ice cream AND sugary toppings, like what even is a summer body? But that being said, my inner five year old was fangirling at how delicious and good ice cream sandwiches would be so they were made and they turned out lovely! I absolutely love how pretty they look, they tasted pretty good too. Best part was that they were extremely simple to make and are the perfect little treat to forget that it’s nine million degrees outside. 


  • Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies – recipe linked here
  • Preferred ice cream {I used vanilla & chocolate}
  • Toppings {sprinkles, chocolate chunks, nuts, etc.}


  1. Once you have your chocolate chip cookies made, put them in the freezer overnight or atleast 4 hours. This will ensure the ice cream won’t make the cookies smushy.
  2. Once cookies are ready, scoop your ice cream, I used 1 full scoop, and place in the center of your cookie.
  3. Take a flat spoon and shape the ice cream around the cookie.
  4. Press down the ice cream with other cookie letting the ice cream slightly come off the edge and coat the edges in your preferred toppings! You can use sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, broken cookies bits, whatever your little heart desires.
  5. How easy was that! Enjoy.Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

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