About Me


Just a twenty-three year old trying to get through her twenties by baking the nights away. Only slightly kidding. I graduated from The University of Iowa back in May 2016 and have been grinding away 9-5 in the digital advertising world since. By no means am I here to seem like a professional who knows what she’s talking about, because chances are I probably don’t but I’m here to share my favorite recipe and also share snippets of my life and my crazy thoughts.

More about me.  I’m an avid coffee drinker and I can spend all day in Ikea. I gawk over marble countertops and eat hummus straight out of the container.  I have also been dabbling in photography lately with my beautiful Canon Rebel.  When I’m not baking or taking pictures, chances are I am either working, attempting to workout or netflixing.

I am excited to share glimpses of my life and my creations with you! This being my first rodeo when it comes to blogging, getting feedback is very important to me. Feel free to reach out at roshni.chokshi18@gmail.com